Pax Jax


Skin Spotlight:

By redeeming your code you will receive the champion and the skin!

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40 Responses to “Pax Jax”

  1. KingGongas says:

    but way better

  2. Vissenisse says:

    Dude you got some black shit on your fur!

  3. Vissenisse says:

    Kan jag få den för 50 spänn? LOL

  4. KingGongas says:

    yoh who are you i am the “hairy Potter”

  5. Tomasz Białas says:

    how ;_:?

  6. TreeBearProductions says:

    Nice build XD

  7. Areon X says:

    i dont like this skin

  8. BfhCr4ft says:

    really ?

  9. Yunus Emre Apaydın says:

    Or WOW

  10. Mateusz Stępień says:

    he have pacman on his back

  11. Yu Xing Li says:

    i got this skin for free. fuck me right?

  12. link1999 says:

    give me this skin plz

  13. SWVJosh182 says:

    do they get new codes all the time

  14. 3rfan says:

    is there any plan for to re-release this skin?

  15. ImplodedBacon says:

    angler jax will be aviable right away, allmost the sme as this, but i agree this is more rare. have all jax skins through. playing since the middle of season 1

  16. walid lucci says:

    i’m in love with this skin !!

  17. Sebastiaan Robbers says:

    This is not pax jax> it is angler jax ;D

  18. Bimbo Jimbo says:

    If someone has pax jax code for na please add me: Cripman

  19. noobownerbob says:

    I got jax pax about a month ago now for only $45.00 on ebay. I mean thats the lowest I’ve seen it in a while but you can get them for 50 – 60 on a regular basis for all you die hards out there

  20. Χρηστος Νικολαου says:

    I have pax sivir:P

  21. bananascocunat says:

    just got mine for 30 euro WORTH 100 times !!

  22. Boris L. says:

    ugly skin why are all his skins yellow i hate yellow

  23. Jack Kiro says:

    My Favorite Jax Skin :D

  24. Kicker7 says:

    Nemesis is better :)

  25. Patrick Ravn says:

    I dont even think this skin is that nice I like Jaximus is much more cool I think

  26. ATM pie says:

    nice skin

  27. Antoni mlz says:

    Won tournament and owned it :D

  28. John Doe says:

    Why must my baby Katarina always be the targeted one and the one demonstrated on :’(

  29. Dr.Pius says:

    Nice Skin…

  30. Richard Yu says:

    when was this skin available

  31. Macé Benjamin says:

    Jax is my main so i’ll have it !

  32. Richie Rich says:

    I would buy Pax Jax if it didn’t resemble Angler Jax so much…

  33. Zana Boss says:

    Suprise! I’m Black!

  34. Shawn Tibbits says:

    niggas plz

  35. MiGluXHD says:

    jax too many skins! most of skins

  36. zak williams says:

    don’t know why everyone wants this skin with all the hype and people complaining you can’t get it thought it would be cooler, but still it s a good skin, just overhyped :D

  37. magicianboyz12 says:

    Try this code for NA server PCYVAKKMK4JA2UAV

  38. Che Muller says:

    This is the best skin in the game for any champ #ctsftw

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